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Saturday, February 5th, 2011 04:36 am
Rating: G

A/N: This is set in my "Sandbox," a limbo-of-the-fathers type place where I have more liberty to play around with the characters than I would in a strict canon setting.  Fits the January and the February challenges.

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Saturday, January 29th, 2011 10:35 pm
This is for the "new beginnings" challenge!

Rating: G
Summary: Pippin tries to fit in at the Great Smials.
Author’s Notes: In my Shire-universe, Thain Ferumbras III abdicated the Thainship to Paladin the year that Pippin was 15. Concerned about the unpleasant atmosphere at the Great Smials that had prevailed in the years that Ferumbras’ mother Lalia was the Took, Paladin and Eglantine sent their children to live with relatives while they settled into the Great Smials and began making some changes there. One year later, they brought the children there to live. In this story, Pippin is 16, which is the equivalent of a 10 year-old among Men. Also, there are references here to some of my other stories, particularly "Consequences of a Fall", “The Dwarf Dagger”, “Moving Day”, and ”A Sight to Remember”.

Making the Best of It
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